Garfield’s journey in creating the GAH! FreeToBeYou fragrance started with his desire to touch all the senses to give a pleasure experience.

From his research he discovered the rich, deep, multi-faceted aromatic qualities of vanilla has a psychogenic effect that heightens sensuality and the relaxation response.

Having learned, listened, and liaised with expert perfumers he decided to blend the vanilla with several other fragrance notes to beautifully construct and produce something quite extraordinary.

An initial uplifting zing of grapefruit leads you into a deep swirl of vanilla with a hint of rose rounded off by a dash of jasmine. A subtle hint of lavender keeps the blend comfortable and uplifting before it finally settles down on to a bed of powdery musk.

By incorporating this fragrance into your GAH! FreeToBeYou experience you will connect your positive emotions to the aroma, and carry with you the fragrance and the feeling it evokes where ever you may go.

GAH! FreeToBeYou - eau de parfum
GAH! FreeToBeYou – 50ml eau de parfum – £50 → Order now

Head notes: Grapefruit
Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose, Lavender
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla

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