The Practice

The Holistic Sensory Journey

Within the GAH! FreeToBeYou multi-sensory experience there is a practice that can assist you to positively manage your negative moods and give you the freedom to be the best you can be.

Come to a group experience where our hosts will guide you on a holistic sensory journey through a combination of:

  • visual focusing on the conceptual Art of GAH!
  • scented vital breathing
  • guided open-eye meditation
  • movment meditation
  • and vibing to rhythmic music

After having your first experience within a group dynamic you will leave with the skills to repeat the practice on your own. It is the repetition of the practice in your own time that will develop your mind to:

  • feel a deeper connection to your pleasure emotions
  • counter fears & anxieties
  • achieve balance & calm clarity
  • and, manifest your personal freedom

Join our group here and connect with your memories of happiness.

The Self Salutation and Vital Breathing technique

A core element to learn prior to starting your practice is BAL-CON-MED-FOC the 4 Self Salutation arm motions and Vital Breathing technique.

BAL-CON-MED-FOC is derived from the words BALance, CONcentration, MEDitation, and FOCus. With these words flowing through your mind you are setting your intention for your practice.

The 4 Self Salutation arm movements are a physicalizing of the words with the effect of deepening your mind ⇄ body connection and commitment to your intention.

The Vital Breathing  technique has a calming & energizing effect that helps you to achieve a relaxed and clear state of mind. Regular practice of Vital Breathing provides you with more oxygen in your blood, increases your metabolism, and elevates your mood.

Below is a step by step guide to learn the 4 Self Salutation arm motions and Vital Breathing technique.

(Saying the words out loud before each transition helps commit your action to memory)

BALANCE - Self Salutation
BALANCE – Self Salutation


Stretch your arms out wide evenly with your palms facing the sky followed by a complete exhalation of all breath through your mouth, making a whoosh sound. It is important to listen to your breath leaving and entering your body so make an audible noise with each transition.


CONCENTRATION - Self Salutation
CONCENTRATION – Self Salutation


From the balance position move your arms to your head with your fingers touching your temples and take a deep inhalation of breath through your nose, to a mental count of three.



MEDITATION - Self Salutation
MEDITATION – Self Salutation


Now move your arms down out in front of you with your hands clasped together exhaling completely through your mouth, to a mental count of three.



FOCUS - Self Salutation
FOCUS – Self Salutation


Move your arms towards your head with your hands placed in front of your face covering your eyes and take a deep inhalation of breath through your nose, to a mental count of three.

Now back to the first position of BALance and continue to repeat the cycle until you can make these actions automatically without thinking.


The repeated cycle of breaths and arm movements connects your mind & body to the present moment and gives you calm clarity of mind.

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Level 1 practice

Once you have mastered the Self Salutation you are ready to begin your “Level 1” practice.
First spray the Eau de Parfum fragrance on your neck & wrist pulse points and on the palms of your hands and rub together.


Begin your Self Salutation.
SMELL the pleasant fragrance of GAH! FreeToBeYou.
Focus on the AROMA and listen to your breath.
Now Anchor your visual focus on the “The Art Of GAH!”.

pic-art-of-gah(There are different guided meditations for each of “The Art Of GAH!” artworks)

Start by focusing on the SYMBOL within the artwork and listening to your breath for 4 breath cycles.
Now bring to mind a MEMORY of an experience when you felt truly HAPPY, a memory that brings a SMILE to your face.

Continuing your Self Salutation, focus on that MEMORY and listen to your breath.
REMEMBER the joy & pleasure from that memory, really CONNECT with that FEELING and SMILE.
Focus on the symbol and LISTEN to your breath.

When it feels right for you come to a still point, close your eyes keeping the smile on your face and reflect on the sensations you’ve experienced.
Again, when it feels right for you open your eyes and come back to the here & now ready to share your experience.

There is no wrong way to do this practice as long as you connect with your feelings. By the repetition of this daily practice you will notice a deeper connection to your feelings of pleasure & joy.

Come and join our group here to connect with your memories of happiness.

TAKE the TIME to be KIND to your MIND with GAH! FreeToBeYou

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