GAH! FreeToBeYou

Welcome to the GAH! FreeToBeYou multi-sensory art experience by Garfield of London.

This experience connects you with conceptual art + perfume fragrance + a meditation practice, all with the intention of improving your mental well-being.

GAH! FreeToBeYou encourages you to TAKE the TIME to be KIND to your MIND to find clarity of mind, make better choices, and love yourself more.

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The conceptual Art of GAH!

Focus on the Symbol and Listen to your Breath.

The Art of GAH! features Surreal, Abstract, and Geometric art with a recurring central theme….

The Symbol of GAH!

The Symbol of GAH!

The Symbol of GAH! represents: good thoughts – good words – good actions.

Focus on the Symbol and Listen to your Breath.

Choose an original artwork that connects with you → Artworks


Nobody can doubt the power of perfume to evoke memory. Your sense of smell is powerfully linked with memory as the part of the brain triggered by smell — the hippocampus — is also linked to long term memory and emotion.

When you engage with the GAH! FreeToBeYou experience a unique fragrance is used to connect to your positive emotions and will forever evoke these feelings where ever you may go.

Learning from the finest perfumers & designers of fragrance aesthetics in the UK, Garfield has created this unique blended perfume fragrance.

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Garfield has developed a physical & emotional meditation for GAH! FreeToBeYou where you become hyper aware of your conscious experience.

By learning this meditation you will develop a calm controlled flow of thoughts in your conscious mind.

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